About us

Workhub was founded in May of 2020, in the beautiful sunny coastal city of Chania, by Effie Pouli and it’s the very first co-working space (family run) in the city.

It was a personal dream, combined with the experience of the years spent abroad, that led Effie to found this hub. Since then, an interactive and creative community has started growing nicely, naturally and fast. It is a pole of attraction for locals and especially for digital nomads and remote workers from all over the world, who connect with each other and are being creative together. With really warm Cretan hosting, super modern facilities and various events and off the beaten track tours, Workhub aims to make people’s staying a productive and unforgettable experience! If you want to work remotely from Crete Greece, this is your best option!


Chania, Greece

The city of Chania is a beautiful coastal city, in the western part of the island of Crete. With 70% of the year being sunny and warm, people can enjoy all year round activities, lovely exotic beaches, hikes to the mountains, gorges, lakes and visits to the nature in general.

The food is insanely tasty and the locals are very welcoming. Chania, also, has a lot of traditional festivities that you can attend, an active night life and a very vivid digital nomad community, with a page on facebook Digital Nomads & Remote Workers Chania - Crete, where you can easily get connected with others.